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@rajdas98 rajdas98 released this Sep 13, 2019

Getting Started

Whats's new

  • Support for KubernetesVersion and OpenEBSVersion in ChaosExporter
  • Added BDD tests for ChaosOperator and ChaosExporter
  • Released Chaos Hub to render chaos charts (OpenEBS and k8s chart)

Prerequisites to install

  • Make sure you have a healthy Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Make sure that you are in the admin context in order to setup RBAC.
  • Make sure you have setup Helm (with Tiller) on your k8s cluster. From installing Tiller, please follow here:
  • Make sure that you don't have any prior instance of LitmusChaos CRDS like ChaosEngine, ChaosExperiment, ChaosResult, LitmusResult. so that you don't face any failure while installing HELM commands.

Install using kubectl

// Installing RBAC for authorization
kubectl create -f

// Installing required CRDS 
kubectl create -f

// Deploying chaos operator
kubectl create -f


Install using Helm Charts

helm repo add litmuschaos
helm repo update
helm install litmuschaos/litmus --namespace=litmus

For more details refer to the documentation at

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