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@rajdas98 rajdas98 released this Oct 14, 2019 · 1 commit to v0.7.x since this release

Getting Started

Prerequisites to install

  • Make sure you have a healthy Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Kubernetes 1.11+ is installed

What's new?

  • [chaos-operator] [enhancement] Refactored operator code to increase modularity
  • [chaos-operator] [bug-fix] Fix Crashing of Chaos-Executor post-experiment execution
  • [chaos-operator] [feature] Ability to turn on/off monitoring (chaos metrics collection) via ChaosEngine
  • [chaos-operator] [enhancement] Run chaos exporter as a separate pod
  • [chaos-operator] [ci] Increased unit-test coverage
  • [chaos-exporter] [enhancement] Refactored exporter code to increase modularity (BCH standards)
  • [litmus] [enhancement] Ability to patch experiment status to ChaosEngine
  • [litmus] [feature] Ability to override experiment defaults via ChaosEngine spec
  • [litmus] [feature] Add powerfulseal integration (chaoslib) to induce pod chaos
  • [litmus] [feature] Experiments to perform network chaos using Pumba
  • [litmus] [enhancement] Optimized dockerfile for ansible-runner image
  • [chaos-charts] [charts] Additional OpenEBS chaos charts (target failure, pool failure, target network chaos)
  • [chaos-charts] [charts] Additional Generic charts (network chaos)
  • [chaos-charts] [ci] Auto-Versioning of chaos charts
  • [charthub][enhancements] Implementation of filters and sort functionalities on chaos hub
  • [litmus-docs] [enhancements] Restructured docs with simpler user guide & architecture details
  • [litmus-docs] [feature] Updated docs website to use docusaurus version 1.13.0


kubectl apply -f

Verify your installation

  • Verify if the chaos operator is ru\nning
    kubectl get pods -n litmus

  • Verify if chaos CRDs are installed
    kubectl get crds | grep chaos

  • Verify if the chaos experiments are installed.
    kubectl get chaosexperiments

For more details refer to the documentation at Docs

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