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@ksatchit ksatchit released this Nov 14, 2019

Getting Started

Prerequisites to install

  • Make sure you have a healthy Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Kubernetes 1.11+ is installed

Whats New?

  • [chaos-operator] [enhancement] Supports Chaos on Statefulset resources
  • [chaos-operator] [fix] Obtains application namespace from spec.appinfo.appns instead of ChaosEngine namespace
  • [chaos-operator] [ci] Increased unit-tests
  • [chaos-operator] [enhancement] Supports auto-removal of chaos experiment jobs upon completion
  • [chaos-operator] [enhancement] Supports ability to choose chaos executor and exporter images
  • [chaos-operator] [enhancement] Supports secret definition in chaos experiments CRs
  • [chaos-exporter] [enhancement] Increased unit-tests
  • [litmus] [feature] Includes OpenEBS Chaos Litmusbooks (storage pool pod/container failure, storage target pod/container failure, target container network delay/loss)
  • [litmus] [feature] Includes Kafka Chaos experiments (kafka broker pod failure, kafka broker disk failure)
  • [litmus] [feature] Includes Infra/platform level Chaos experiments (gke) (disk loss, disk fill, cpu hog)
  • [litmus] [feature] Add quality checks via sonarqube integration
  • [litmus] [enhancement] Optimized Dockerfile for ansible-runner image
  • [litmus] [enhancement] Provides pumba image as a tunable (LIB_IMAGE) for container-kill & network chaos experiments
  • [litmus] [developer-docs] Includes developer guide with script to scaffold chaos experiment
  • [litmus] [project-mgmt] Includes chaos experiment maturity guidelines and litmus release guidelines
  • [chaos-charts] [charts] Additional OpenEBS chaos charts
  • [chaos-charts] [charts] Introduces Kafka experiment charts
  • [chaos-charts] [icons] Adds new icons for chaos chart & experiment cards
  • [charthub] [feature] Support for hosting ( & auto-updation) of chaos-charts on the hub
  • [charthub] [enhancement] Include icons for generic & OpenEBS charts
  • [litmus-docs] [fix] Fixes dead links
  • [litmus-docs] [enhancements] Optimized images for doc pages
  • [litmus-docs] [enhancement] Improved mobile view for docs website


kubectl apply -f

Verify your installation

  • Verify if the chaos operator is running
    kubectl get pods -n litmus

  • Verify if chaos CRDs are installed
    kubectl get crds | grep chaos

  • Verify if the chaos experiments are installed.
    kubectl get chaosexperiments

For more details refer to the documentation at Docs

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