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  • 1.1.0
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@ksatchit ksatchit released this Feb 15, 2020 · 6 commits to v1.1.x since this release

New features and Enhancements

  • Addition of OpenEBS control-plane sanity, storage pool sanity & storage pool network chaos experiments
  • Introduce the Chaos Abort functionality to terminate in-flight chaos experiments at once
  • Schema changes to support override of configmap & secret volumes parameters from the ChaosEngine with improved component structure
  • Make annotation checks against target applications an optional feature in lieu of infra chaos experiments with higher blast radius (multi-application impact).
  • Make the Go Chaos-Runner as the default runner type for experiments
  • Improved CRD validation for ChaosEngine CRs based on OpenAPI v3 specification
  • Improved logging for experiment lifecycle (chaos-runner) via use of klog framework
  • Addition of Kubernetes events for chaos experiment lifecycle
  • Enhancement to pass chaos lineage (chaos UUID) across all resources created as part of an experiment
  • Strengthened e2e pipelines (generic, openebs chaos validation tests) with BDD tests using Ginkgo
  • Updates experiment scaffold (developer) tool to reflect latest experiment schema
  • Optimized (minimal) permissions in the chaos-operator RBAC
  • Converts the chaos-charts repo into the single source truth wrt chaos manifests (includes experiment RBAC, sample ChaosEngine CR manifests along with individual chaosExperiment CRs & CSV) thereby providing an integrated bundle to aid developers
  • Doc updates to embed all chaos snippets from chaos-charts via the embedmd tool
  • Adds the Litmus FAQ with questions on general usage & troubleshooting steps

Major Bug Fixes

  • Addition of rescue blocks in chaoslib wrappers to fail fast / avoid false positives in chaos experiments
  • Fixes container-kill experiment execution on containerd runtime
  • Patch chaosresult state with status “running” & verdict “awaited” during experiment execution.
  • Fixes crash of exporter (monitor pod) in case of infra experiments with annotationCheck disabled.
  • Refactor of experiment manifests to use standard naming conventions & file extensions

Getting Started

Prerequisites to install

  • Make sure you have a healthy Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Kubernetes 1.11+ is installed


kubectl apply -f

Verify your installation

  • Verify if the chaos operator is running
    kubectl get pods -n litmus

  • Verify if chaos CRDs are installed
    kubectl get crds | grep chaos

For more details refer to the documentation at Docs

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