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@Jonsy13 Jonsy13 released this
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New Features & Enhancements

  • Adds support for ipv6 inside network experiments and other litmus components which enable us to run litmus on ipv6 (ipFamily) clusters

  • During the initial few seconds of the pod run, sometimes pods failed to request the kubeapi server. Adds the retries inside experiment & runner pods while querying kubeapi server.

  • Upgrade the Pumba older version(0.8.0) to the latest version. It fixes the vulnerability of the Pumba binaries.

  • Adds the networking policies permissions(which are required for the pod-network-partition experiment) inside the litmus-admin rbac.

  • Removes an extra job-name label from the helper pods and refactor the experiment code to improve the logs

  • Fixes stress chaos experiment with Pumba lib to take custom stress image

  • Reorder the RBAC permissions and add comments description for all the experiments

  • Updates the Kyverno pod security policies. Also, enhance the FAQ and PSP in the experiment-docs

  • Adds test-cases, readme, and rbac for pod-delete experiment in litmus-python. Modified the litmus-python SDK documentation for the latest changes

  • Introduces chaosresult tag annotation to the dashboard for Postgres to add.

  • Enhance e2e-dashboard to include card view for different pipelines, support dark-mode, and add all-workflows.

ChaosCenter -

  • Fixed Subscriber version compatibility check for the smooth upgrade process.

  • Upgraded Litmus-ui version for components optimization.

  • Updated the token name to litmus-cc-token.

  • Added advanced tune section for workflows for better visibility & allowing users to have more control over workflows.

  • Optimized upload functionality for allowing upload of basic argo workflow ( Users will be able to run any generic workflow )

  • Fixed some bugs in the frontend & graphql-server.

  • Enhanced E2E pipeline by adding resource validation on k8s cluster after scheduling the workflows.


  • With this release of ChaosCenter, Litmus core components are upgraded to v2.2.0 & default chaoshub is updated to 2.2.x


Litmus-2.3.0 (Stable) Cluster Scope manifest

kubectl apply -f


Litmus-2.3.0 (Stable) namespace scope manifest.

export LITMUS_PORTAL_NAMESPACE="<namespace>"
kubectl create ns ${LITMUS_PORTAL_NAMESPACE}
kubectl apply -f
curl --output litmus-portal-namespaced-k8s-template.yml
envsubst '${LITMUS_PORTAL_NAMESPACE}' < litmus-portal-namespaced-k8s-template.yml > ${LITMUS_PORTAL_NAMESPACE}-ns-scoped-litmus-portal-manifest.yml
kubectl apply -f ${LITMUS_PORTAL_NAMESPACE}-ns-scoped-litmus-portal-manifest.yml -n ${LITMUS_PORTAL_NAMESPACE}