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Experiment Metadata

Type Description K8s Platform
Chaos Fail the application pod Any


  • Application pods are healthy before chaos injection


  • Application pods are healthy post chaos injection


  • Causes (forced/graceful) pod failure of random replicas of an application deployment
  • Tests deployment sanity (replica availability & uninterrupted service) and recovery workflows of the application pod


  • Pod failures can be effected using one of these chaos libraries: litmus, powerfulseal
  • The desired chaoslib can be selected by setting one of the above options as value for the env variable LIB

Associated Chaos Utils

Litmusbook Environment Variables


Parameter Description Type
APP_NAMESPACE Namespace in which application pods are deployed Mandatory
APP_LABEL Unique Labels in key=value format of application deployment Mandatory


Parameter Description Type
TOTAL_CHAOS_DURATION The time duration for chaos insertion (sec) Mandatory
CHAOS_INTERVAL Time interval b/w two successive pod-failures (sec) Mandatory
LIB The chaos lib used to inject the chaos Mandatory
CHAOSENGINE ChaosEngine CR name associated with the experiment instance Optional
CHAOS_SERVICE_ACCOUNT Service account used by the powerfulseal deployment Optional


  • Identify the values for the mandatory ENV variables
  • Create the chaos job via kubectl create -f pod_delete_k8s_job.yml
  • Check result of the experiment via kubectl describe chaosresult pod-delete (prefix chaosengine name to experiment name if applicable)
  • View experiment logs via kubectl logs -f <chaos-pod-name>
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