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Nameko Asterisk Manager Interface client
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Nameko AMI client

Example of usage

from import EventDispatcher
from nameko.dependency_providers import Config
from nameko.rpc import rpc
from nameko_ami import AmiClientExtension, ami

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class AmiBroker:
    name = 'asterisk_ami'
    config = Config()
    ami_client = AmiClientExtension()
    dispatch = EventDispatcher()

    def send_action(self, action):
        result = self.ami_client.manager.send_action(action)        
        return {
            'headers': result.headers,

    def on_ami_event(self, event, manager):
        if self.config.get('ASTERISK_AMI_TRACE_EVENTS'):
            logger.debug('AMI Event: %s', event.headers)
        self.dispatch(event.headers['Event'], {'headers': event.headers,

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