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CakePHP 1.3.21: The Legacy Rapid Development Framework for PHP7
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CakePHP 1.3 for PHP 7.2

An unofficial port of CakePHP 1.3.21 to PHP 7.2.

⚠️ Only use this code, if you have an active CakePHP 1.3 version that you have to port to PHP 7! Otherwise use a current CakePHP version!

Getting Started

  1. Make sure your code is PHP 7.2 ready. php7cc is a good start, just exclude the cake-directory in your scans.
  2. If you made any changes in the cake-directory, that you want to reapply in the PHP 7-version, write them down.
  3. Delete your cake-directory.
  4. Copy only the cake-directory from this repository to your existing installation.
  5. Reapply the changes you wrote down in step 2.
  6. Find and fix problems related to the changes described below.

Porting CakePHP to PHP 7.2 required the introduction of some breaking changes. Make sure you update your own code accord to the following changes:

Renamed classes

Two classes had to be renamed:

  • The class String has been renamed to CakeString
  • The class Object has been renamed to CakeObject

Renamed class functions

Three class functions had to be renamed:

  • JsHelper->value() has been renamed to JsHelper->jsonValue()
  • JavascriptHelper->value() has been renamed to JavascriptHelper->jsonValue()
  • JsBaseEngineHelper->value() has been renamed to JsBaseEngineHelper->jsonValue()

Renamed files

One file had to be renamed:

  • "cake/libs/error.php" has been renamed to "cake/libs/error_handler.php": Change any App::import('Core', 'Error') to App::import('Core', 'ErrorHandler')

Removed database drivers

Two database drivers had to be removed:

  • "mysql" (replace with "mysqli")
  • "mssql"

Necessary configuration changes

One configuration variable has to be changed:

  • "Security.cipherSeed" must be a valid int instead of a string. Make sure, it is small enough to be treated like an int, and not like a float on your system. Otherwise cookies will not be decoded correctly!

Running the tests

Tests have not yet been ported to PHP 7.


Please issue a pull request if you want to contribute.

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