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-NicoFox - A better Nico Nico Douga on Firefox, featuring video download
+## NicoFox
-Install latest release on AMO: <>
+A better Nico Nico Douga on Firefox, featuring video download
+[Install latest release from](
+DISCLAIMER: Illegal downloads is punishable in several countries (e.g. Japan.) so please respect the copyright laws, and use this utility at your own risk.
+The `master` branch includes the current beta which is released or pending review on AMO, and the `development` branch is where the magic happens :)
+### What is NicoFox?
+NicoFox is a Firefox add-on that does things you will need when you surf on Nico Nico Douga:
+* Toolbar to access third-party tool website
+* Video and comment downloads
+* Schedule the video downloads and perform when the low-quality mode is off
+* Block Nicowa with its annonying hourly alarms on Harajuku version
+* Built-in player to play the downloaded video with comments
+### Test the development snapshot on repository
-Test the development snapshot on repository
Two ways to do it:
* Download and extract the source code, rename the folder to `nicofox@littlebtc` then move it to `[your profile directory]/extensions/`.
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