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Relevant specs of my X230:

The files used for this hackintosh are mainly from xxx10101xxx on github -

The installation of macOS to x230 can be done with the typical vanilla approach:

  1. Prepare a macOS (in this case, it's High Sierra) installation USB stick -
  2. Install Clover Bootloader to the USB stick, make sure you choose the USB stick as the destination and tick install to UEFI only -
  3. Copy and paste the files of this repository to EFI/Clover/ , to mount the EFI partition, use either Clover Configurator or command line with diskutil -
  4. Generate a serial number with Clover Configurator, go to SMBIOS (on the left sidebar), hit 'Generate New' next to 'Serial Number' for whatever times you like.
  5. Generate a uuid, go to terminal, type 'uuidgen', hit 'enter', copy paste the results to the 'smUUID' on Clover Configurator.
  6. Copy 'Board Serial Number' to 'Rt Variables' - 'MLB', save the plist and quit Clover Configurator.
  7. Set BIOS as indicated in xxx10101xxx's repository.
  8. Boot into the USB stick, install macOS -
  9. After the installation, install Clover Bootloader to the SSD/HDD of the macOS just installed, as what was did to the USB stick.
  10. Copy and Paste the EFI folder from the USB stick to the EFI paritition of the installed SSD/HDD. Now the macOS should be able to boot up without the USB stick. If not, don't panic, insert the USB stick and boot into the system installed see if there's anything wrong with the EFI partition and try again.
  11. Generate a SSDT for Power Management, follow the procedure suggested by Piker-Alpha -
  12. Install WiFi dongle driver (in my case it's Edimax EW-7611ULB or EW-7811Un) -
  13. Done!

Known issues:

  1. d-sub output isn't working - not a news
  2. trackpoint isn't working - both red dot and buttons, at chances they might work but not stable. Trackpad is working fine but nothing better than on windows (x230 users might have known what I'm talking about). For possible solutoin of getting trackpoint to work, see this post
  3. boot/awake animation glitch - minor stuff, but I wasn't able to fix it with the solution suggested by Bizzaro . If anyone knows how to fix it please share it with me. Thanks.
  4. Backlight brightness is set to maximum at boot - In my case this is due to Clover Bootloader overwrite NVRAM's value at boot. It uses 'Backlight Level: 0xFFFF' at boot, this can be check by going to 'Options' - 'Graphics Injector' in Clover Bootloader in the middle of booting. The brightness stays at the previous value before rebooting if '0xFFFF' is deleted, but I seem can't find a way to set empty as default in Clover. If anyone knows how to do it, please share it with me. Thanks. Info credits goes to RehabMan 1 Aug 2018 Update: the brightness level is preserved after rebooting by deleting EmuVariableUefi-64.efi from drivers64UEFI. But the minimum brightness is still brighter than it used to be on windows. Following procedures suggested in the post above did not fix the issue. If anyone knows how to do it, please feel free to share it. Thanks.

Hope the info can be helpful for anyone who'd like to install macOS on x230.

26 Sep 2018 Update:

  • kexts and drivers were updated to latest
  • The repo is compatible with Mojave (the machine is currently running on)

4 Nov 2018 Update:

  • Remove backlight control (PNLF) from DSDT.aml and update the repo
  • Include SSDT-PNLF.aml, lilu.kext and AppleBacklightFixup.kext for optimised backlight control. Now the backlight control works properly. Credit goes to RehabMan. post 1, and post 2
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