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# two variables you need to set
pdnndir=/Users/xuhe/Documents/GSoC/pdnn # pointer to PDNN
device=gpu0 # the device to be used. set it to "cpu" if you don't have GPUs
# export environment variables
export THEANO_FLAGS=mode=FAST_RUN,device=$device,floatX=float32
# prepare Training Data
echo "Prepare data for training"
python3 wav_train wav_valid
# train DNN model
echo "Training the DNN model ..."
python $pdnndir/cmds/ --train-data "train.pickle.gz" \
--valid-data "valid.pickle.gz" \
--nnet-spec "325:500:5" --wdir ./ \
--l2-reg 0.0001 --lrate "C:0.2:10" --model-save-step 5 \
--param-output-file dnn.param --cfg-output-file dnn.cfg >&
echo "Extracting Features for ELM training ..."
python $pdnndir/cmds/ --data "ELMtrain.pickle.gz" \
--nnet-param dnn.param --nnet-cfg dnn.cfg \
--output-file "ELMfeature.pickle.gz" --layer-index -1 \
--batch-size 100 >& ELMdnn.testing.log
echo "Training the ELM..."