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LittlevGL as Arduino Library + example sketch
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LittlevGL Arduino library

This library allows to use LittlevGL (v6.x) as an Arduino library. Library can be installed via Arduino IDE Library Manager or as an .ZIP library.


There is simple example which uses library as an TFT driver to simplify testing. To get all this to work you have to setup TFT_eSPI to work with your TFT display type via editing the User_Setup.h file in TFT_eSPI library folder, or by selecting your own configurtion in the User_Setup_Select.h file in TFT_eSPI library folder.

LittlevGL library has its own configuration file in lv_conf.h file, which is locatd in LittlevGL library folder. Please get in mind to check that the corresponding resolutions in LVGL configuration match the ones in TFT_eSPI and with the physical resolution of your display.

Example result should look like this:

LVGL Arduino example result

Tested with:

  • My own ESP32 board, module ESP32 Wroom
  • PC OS: Linux, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • IDE: Arduino IDE 1.8.9
  • ESP32 Core: 1.0.2


In case of trouble there are debug informations inside LVGL. In the ESP32_TFT_eSPI example there is my_print method, which allow to send this debug informations to the serial interface. To enable this feature you have to edit lv_conf.h file and enable logging in section log settings:

/*Log settings*/
#define USE_LV_LOG      1   /*Enable/disable the log module*/
/* How important log should be added:
 * LV_LOG_LEVEL_TRACE       A lot of logs to give detailed information
 * LV_LOG_LEVEL_INFO        Log important events
 * LV_LOG_LEVEL_WARN        Log if something unwanted happened but didn't caused problem
 * LV_LOG_LEVEL_ERROR       Only critical issue, when the system may fail

After enabling log module and setting LV_LOG_LEVEL accordingly the output log is sent to the Serial port @ 115200 Bd. After each line sent there is 100ms delay to allow the serial transfer to finish. This delay can be commented out in my_print method.

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