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Money sharing app. In development. Probably getting a rename later.
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Money sharing app. In development. Probably getting a rename later.



The installation instructions below assume you have the following software on your machine:

Installation instructions

If you are using virtualenv or virtualenvwrapper, create and activate an environment. E.g.,

mkvirtualenv argus # Using virtualenvwrapper.

Then, to install:

# Clone django-argus to a location of your choice.
git clone

# Install django-argus.
pip install --no-deps -e django-argus

# Install python requirements. This may take a while.
pip install -r django-argus/test_project/requirements.txt

Modifying Argus's CSS files requires SASS, Compass, and Bootstrap SASS. If you plan to make changes to CSS files, but don't have those installed:

gem install bundler # Ensure you have Bundler. May need sudo.
bundle install --gemfile django-argus/Gemfile # Install Ruby requirements.

Get it running

cd django-argus/test_project
python syncdb    # Create/sync the database.
python runserver # Run the server!

Then, navigate to in your favorite web browser!

Modifying the Styles

Do not modify any of the files within django-argus/static/argus/css/. That directory is managed by Compass. Instead, edit the compass source files in django-argus/sass/. You will need to use the Compass command line tool to compile stylesheets. E.g.,

cd django-argus/argus # Ensure you are in the directory with config.rb.
compass watch         # Watch the sass directory for changes.

Or use

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