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Encoding converter for texts in Russian language

General Information

Up to 14 different encodings are used to represent texts in Russian language (koi-7, koi-8r, cp866, cp1251, cp10007, utf-8, ...)! This program can perform conversion between them. It also can produce Unicode names for the symbol codes.

It shows the unicodes that cannot be converted. It allows to put two types of substitutions for the inconvertible signs. It may be a unicode number or a similar sign.

This program may also be used for transliteration (reversible substitution Cyrillic letters by Latin ones). Transliteration is the only way to make deal with Russian texts on the system without Cyrillic fonts. RUCNV knows two types of transliteration: GOST 7.79-2000 and KOI-7 based.

RUCNV may be used for conversion any Russian or Unicode texts into the form which will be accepted by any 8-bit text editor and for followed backward conversion.

This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


USAGE: rucnv <translation> <source> <destination>
       rucnv -V       output version information and exit
       rucnv --help   display this help and exit
<translation> has form <source coding><result coding>{s}{u}
  's' ('u') makes (unicode) substitutions for missing characters
  0: Unicode (UCS-2 Little Endian)	  1: UTF-8
  2: Koi8-r				  3: CP866 (MS-DOS)
  4: ISO 8859-5				  5: CP1251 (Microsoft Windows)
  6: Macintosh Cyrillic (CP10007)	  7: Modified Alternative (MS-DOS)
  8: Alternative (MS-DOS)		  9: Main (MS-DOS)
  A: Bulgarian, MIC, Interprog (MS-DOS)	  B: Koi-8
  C: Koi-7				  D: Transliteration (Koi-7 based)
  E: Transliteration (GOST 7.79-2000)	  F: Unicode Names
  G: UTF-16BE
  rucnv 52s wintext.txt lintext.txt
  rucnv 31 dostext.txt utf8text.txt
  rucnv 12u utf8text.txt koi8rtext.txt
  rucnv 50u wintext.txt ucs2text.txt

Basic Installation

You need C++ compiler and C++ Standard Library.

The simplest way to make this program is:

  1. Edit makefile to set correct MANDIR and BINDIR for your system.
  2. Type `make' to compile the program.
  3. Type `make install' to install the program and documentation.

Microsoft DOS/Windows Installation

The simplest way to make this with DELORIE DJGPP V2 system for C/C++ ( program is:

  1. Type gxx -o rucnv.exe rucnv.cpp -lstdcxx to get the executable file.
  2. Type strip rucnv.exe to remove symbols from file.
  3. Type exe2coff rucnv.exe and then copy /b [dir for djgpp]\bin\cwsdstub.exe + rucnv rucnv.exe to get the executable file independent from DJGPP system.

Steps 2 and 3 are optional.


You may use rucnv with the same filenames for input and output.


Please write me if you have trouble running rucnv, or if you have suggestions or patches.

Vladimir Lidovski


All source code is Copyright (C) 2002 Lidovski Vladimir

This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2, or, at your discretion, any later version. The GNU General Public License is available via the Web at The GPL is designed to allow you to alter and redistribute the package, as long as you do not remove that freedom from others.


Encoding converter for texts in Russian language




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