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CryptoPi (CryPi) is a web based application written in PHP that helps you to manage OpenVPN connections to secure your internet connection.

This software is an appoach to help you setting up a secure VPN tunnel for your whole network, primary by using a VPN provider. Using CryptoPi, you can secure your whole communication against interception.

Another use-case is to provide a public hotspot that you want to be tunneled through a VPN, so you can't be made responsible for something that your users do in your generous provided hotspot.

To do so, CryptoPi stores your VPN config in a secure container, builds up the tunnel and then, acting as a router, forwards all the traffic into the tunnel. CryptoPi must then be used as the internet gateway.

Currently, CryptoPi is only confirmed to work with the VPN provider "Perfect Privacy" (which seems to be the best when it comes to anonymity and privacy, but is also very expensive), but should work fine with other providers, too.

If there's a provider that doesn't work with CryPi and you want to use, just create a testing account and send the credentials to me - I will try to get it work.

Thank you for using this software.

CryptoPi - Anonymity, Privacy, Security.