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Recording biosignals using lx9 microboard. Using AD7991, ADXL345 and RN42 bluetooth.


lx9 microboard + pmodAD2 + pmodACL + pmodBT2 for healthcare.

Please, refer to phealth at liubenyuan for more details.

phealth -- architecture

Lx9 Microboard for healthcare

FPGA captures 3-axis accelerometer reads from ADXL345, 4-channel biosignals from AD7991. These recordings are transferred to PC via USB2UART using CP2102, or remotely via a bluetooth device RN-42.

Two peripherals are used, which are I2C and UART. SPI may also be used if we utilize the 4-wire connection of ADXL345. Those codes, i2c_master.vhd and uart.vhd are publicity available, and borrowed from I2C master at eewiki and uart at pabennett.

FPGA, is simply a logic wrapper for all auxiliary peripherals.

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