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🎉🎉 First of all, THANK YOU for taking time to contribute this package! 🎉🎉

Steps to Contribute

  1. please checkout Issues Page and Pull Request Page first in case there is already someone being assigned or working on it.

  2. fork this repo

  3. clone the repo you just forked to your disk

    git clone
  4. install npm dependencies then create a branch named as the feature you want to contribute. For example:

    cd ide-css && yarn && git checkout -b refine-doc
  5. make changes to the code

  6. you may preview your changes by enabling DEV mode

  7. you may test your changes. For example:

    npm run test
  8. commit the changes and push the branch you created to your remote

    git add ./
    git commit -m "some changes"
    git push -u origin MY_BRANCH
  9. create a pull request

How to Preview Your Changes in Development?

  1. uninstall ide-css if you have installed
  2. change into the package directory you have forked and cloned
  3. use apm command to link the package to atom user directory
apm link

Now your package directory has been linked to ~/.atom/packages/ide-css

  1. you can preview changes by launching (or reloading) Atom

    • after your development, remove package link
    cd path/to/fork/repo && apm unlink
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