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What is it?

Is just a dependency injector

it's a design pattern for maintain high level on the software quality

** and is not a Service Locator.**

is useful for small-sized projects, when you want to maintain decency in your code without using invasive frameworks

is useful if you want to test the code, to give a mock object dependencies

is useful to understand how work a stupid dependency injector

is useful to reuse the code

is NOT useful if you have a lot of injected object, is better use a Service Locator and a PROPER DIC framework.

++ todo

injection without instantiation, using metaclass ??

What is a Dependency Injection or DI?

How it works?

from di import *

# instance = inject(Class, tuple of parameters)

EmailSender = inject(Mailer, dispatcher=SmtpLibV02)
# EmailSender is now instantiated 
# and has the attribute 'dispatcher' with SmtpLib instantiated


please fork it and add some ideas :)

git clone di
cd di

Few Examples

The code

from types import *
def inject(class_holder, **dependencies):
        if isinstance(class_holder, ClassType):
            istance = class_holder()
        for dependency in dependencies:
            if isinstance(dependencies[dependency], ClassType):
            setattr(istance, dependency, dependencies[dependency])
        return istance