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This zhenlong's vimrc

My personal Vim configurations and some plugins which I used in my daily job.

I put Vim related settings in plugin/settings/Settings.vim, and isolate other plugins' settings in plugin/settings directory.


Installation and Requisites:

  1. BACKUP your .vim directory and .vimrc first.(IMPORTANT!)

  2. cd ~ to change directory to your home directory.

  3. copy files to your home directory:

     git clone vundle
  4. cd to zhenlong-vimrc directory and execute the :BundleInstall! to get latest version modules:

  5. link the vimrc to

     ln -s .vim/vimrc .vimrc


  1. :BundleInstall --init
  2. :BundleInstall! --update

Features and Key Mappings:

  1. Resize splited windows automatically, so that you get a bigger editing room if you're working with a smaller screen. (stole from Gary Bernhardt)

  2. Toggle between working mode and presentation mode by <leader>z, but only work in GUI version Vim.

  3. some usually used key mappings in normal mode:

    a. <F1> to toggle a Calendar window on and off.

    b. <F2> to toggle NERDTree on and off.

    c. <F4> to toggle Taglist window.

    d. <F5> is the script runner, according to it's filetype, it will run Ruby(.rb) ,Python(.py) or Javascript(.js) file(SpiderMonkey is needed), even CoffeeScript(.coffee, but you may have to install CoffeeScript first). If the filetype is VimScript, <F5> will run :source % for you.

    e. <F7> to switch to previous tab, and <F8> to the next tab.

    f. hit <ctrl>p will launch a quick window to match keywords from your current working directory, not only file name, but also path name. And <ctrl>w u will match from your MRU(Mostly Recent Used) files, which is also frequently used.

    g. hit <leader> twice to toggle comment on and off.

    h. <tab> and <shift><tab> to increase and decrease the syntax identation.

    i. <leader>v to open .vimrc in a new tab.

    j. <leader>0 to edit or create README.md in current working directory.

    k. <leader>s for ack search l. <leader>f for nohlsearch m.

  4. Remove tailing whitespace automatically while saving.


if you can not found ctags command, just find your ctags path and replace my settings in plugin/settings/Ctags.vim file:

let Tlist_Ctags_Cmd = '/your/path/to/ctags'

and Exuberant Ctags is recommended.


Enjoy it, and if there's any question or comment, feel free to let me know :)