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Prefixing ticket number to each of the commit is a good idea. Automating it would take 1 thing out of our mind so that we can focus on our real task.

There are two things in this repo:

  • commit-msg

    a git commit message hook that firstly checks the branch name, if it is SEAL compliant (in the format of SEAL-NNN-your-description), it will check the commit message and see if it has the prefix already, if it doesn't it will prepend it automatically.

    to use it, drop the the commit-msg file to .git/hooks/ in your git repository. It needs to be executable.

  • git-seal-branch

    a git extension which we can use to create a branch, it will complain if the branch name isn't SEAL compliant (in the format of SEAL-NNN-your-description).

    to use it, add it to PATH and run:

    git seal-branch your-branch-name

    to create your branch. It needs to be executable.