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an android mediaplayer based on faplayer
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This project is based on the faplayer of tewilove.

If you have questions you contact, or leave a message to

1. NDK-r5c
2. ruby-1.9.2
3. ant-1.8

Notice for Cygwin users:
If you git clone the source in a Cygwin shell, build process should be fine.
If you download the archive, you have to overwrite the same named files from jni/ext/libass/libass to jni/ext/libass/include since they are symbol links.

Build steps:
1. Edit to fit your environment.
2. Run
Build examples:
./ # <-- this will build for cortex-a8 with neon by default.
./ ABI=armeabi # <-- this will build for arm1136j-s with softfp.
./ ABI=armeabi-v7a FPU=vfpv3-d16 TUNE=cortex-a9 # <-- Xoom

NDK issues:
Known not building on NDK-r5b and before unless LOCAL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES bug is fixed.

master contains the minium player source.
message-player is built on top of master with acfun/bilibili/* support.

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