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- hosts: all
become: yes
- role: export-cloud-openrc
cloud_name: 'huaweicloud'
floating_ip: ''
- name: Run validation tests of cf-huaweicloud-validator aganist huaweicloud
- name: Install required packages
shell: |
set -ex
curl -Lo ./bosh
chmod +x ./bosh
mv ./bosh /usr/local/bin/bosh
pip install python-openstackclient
pip install python-glanceclient==2.11.0
apt-get install -y build-essential zlibc zlib1g-dev ruby ruby-dev openssl libxslt-dev libxml2-dev \
libssl-dev libreadline6 libreadline6-dev libyaml-dev libsqlite3-dev sqlite3
gem install bundler
bosh create-release --force --tarball bosh-huaweicloud-cpi.tgz
cp bosh-huaweicloud-cpi.tgz '{{ ansible_user_dir }}/src/'
executable: /bin/bash
chdir: '{{ zuul.project.src_dir }}'
- name: Create floating ip
shell: |
openstack floating ip create admin_external_net -f value -c floating_ip_address
executable: /bin/bash
environment: '{{ global_env }}'
register: floating_ip_adr
- name: Set floating ip variable
floating_ip: '{{ floating_ip_adr.stdout }}'
- name: Run validation tests of cf-huaweicloud-validator
shell: |
set -ex
# Populate validator.yml
openstack keypair create cf-huaweicloud-validator-"{{ }}" > cf-validator.rsa_id
_port_id=$(openstack port create --network openlab-jobs-net cf-huaweicloud-validator-port -f value -c id)
STATIC_IP=$(openstack port show ${_port_id} -f value -c fixed_ips | grep -Eo '([0-9]+\.){3}[0-9]+')
openstack port delete ${_port_id}
# the network id of huawecloud is corressponding to subnet id of openstack
SUBNET_ID=$(openstack network show openlab-jobs-net -f value -c id)
INSTANCE_TYPE=$(openstack flavor list -f value -c ID -c RAM -c VCPUs --sort-column RAM --sort-column \
VCPUs | awk '{if($2>=2048 && $3>=2){print $1}}' | head -n 1)
chmod 0600 cf-validator.rsa_id
cp validator.template.yml validator.yml
set +x
sed -i "/auth_url/ s|<replace-me>|$OS_AUTH_URL|" validator.yml
sed -i "/username/ s|<replace-me>|$OS_USERNAME|" validator.yml
sed -i "/password/ s|<replace-me>|$OS_PASSWORD|" validator.yml
sed -i "/domain/ s|<replace-me>|$OS_DOMAIN_NAME|" validator.yml
sed -i "/project/ s|<replace-me>|$OS_PROJECT_NAME|" validator.yml
set -x
sed -i "/subnet_id/ s|<replace-me>|$SUBNET_ID|" validator.yml
sed -i "/floating_ip/ s|<replace-me>|{{ floating_ip }}|" validator.yml
sed -i "/static_ip/ s|<replace-me>|$STATIC_IP|" validator.yml
sed -i "/instance_type/ s|<replace-me>|$INSTANCE_TYPE|" validator.yml
sed -i "/use_external_ip/ s|false|true|" validator.yml
sed -i "/default_security_groups/ s|\[default\]|\[openlab-jobs-sg\]|" validator.yml
sed -i "/default_key_name/ s|cf-validator|cf-huaweicloud-validator-{{ }}|" validator.yml
mkdir -p '{{ ansible_user_dir }}/workspace/logs/'
mkdir -p ~/.cf-openstack-validator/logs
ln -s ~/.cf-openstack-validator/logs '{{ ansible_user_dir }}/workspace/logs/cpi-logs'
curl -O
chmod +x validate
bundle update fog-huaweicloud
bundle install
./validate -s bosh-stemcell-1.0-huaweicloud-xen-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent.tgz -c validator.yml -r bosh-huaweicloud-cpi.tgz
exit $?
executable: /bin/bash
chdir: '{{ ansible_user_dir }}/src/'
environment: '{{ global_env }}'
- name: Cleanup resources
shell: |
set -ex
openstack floating ip delete "{{ floating_ip }}" || true
openstack keypair delete cf-huaweicloud-validator-"{{ }}" || true
executable: /bin/bash
environment: '{{ global_env }}'
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