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Book of Elementary Algorithms and Data structures
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Elementary Algorithms

Edition: 0.6180339887498949

2015, May, 27

AlgoXY is a free book about elementary
algorithms and data structures. This book doesn't only focus on an
imperative (or procedural) approach, but also includes purely functional
algorithms and data structures. It doesn't require readers to
master any programming languages, because all the algorithms are
described using mathematical functions and pseudocode.

For reference and implementation purposes, source code in C, C++, Haskell,
Python, Scheme/Lisp is available in addition to the book.

The contents of the book are provided under GNU FDL and the source
code is under GNU GPLv3.

The PDF version can be downloaded from github:

This book is also available online at:

You can donate to support this book. Alipay:

Larry LIU Xinyu
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