The tools I used under windows 8.
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This is a list of must-have tools for Windows 8, but most of them are also compatible with other Windows version.

  1. Chocolatey : Windows package management tool


  1. ConEmu : enhanced Windows console emulator with tabs
  2. Classic Shell : bring back classic start menu
  3. 7Zip : best archive manager
  4. Everything quick desktop file search with background server
  5. UltraSearch quick desktop file search if you don't like background server
  6. AutoHotKey Automation scripting language for Windows
  7. Insomnia : Prevent the computer from sleeping
  8. Ditto : Clipboard manager
  9. CCleaner : Best cleaner tool for windows
  10. TreeSizeFree : Fast Disk usage statistics viewer
  11. Unison : File/Directory Synchronizer
  12. rufus Fomat bootable usb pen disk
  13. nssm Convert any program to windows service


  1. Vlc : favorite video player
  2. IrfanView : photo viewer
  3. LICEcap : simple animated screen captures to gif
  4. FFmpeg : swiss army knife for audo/video convert
  5. ShareX : screecast maker


  1. Sublime Text : general editor for small project
  2. Notepad++ : generic editor, great plugins(light explorer,nppFtp)
  3. Visual Studio Code : Next generation IDE
  4. git : must have version control tool


  1. Just Color Picker : color picker
  2. yed : free flowchart and diagrams editor


  1. ipScan : fast Ip scan tool
  2. Putty : light ssh client, pscp is also good
  3. MobaXTerm Enhanced terminal for Windows,include x11,cygwin,mosh etc.
  4. mongoose tiny static http server


  1. HeidiSql : best client for mysql/mariadb
  2. dbeaver : universal sql client

Data process

  1. SciDAVis : free alternative for origin