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LiveArt HTML5 1.0.0 LTS

LiveArt HTML5 is an HTML5 product design component, suitable for any web2print tasks including signs, uniforms, apparel or sticker decoration. Its 1.0.0 release is based on new SVG engine contrary to 0.10.X version.

Please see detailed release notes that describe differences and new features for the 1.0.0. The current will be also designated as an LTS (Long Term Support) version for the next years.

Primary integration reference:

Getting Started


Despite LiveArt is a fully client-side component, it is provided with basic backend to save designs and prepare production output. Certain pre-requisites are required to run the designer locally or on the server.

  1. PHP 5.5+
    • Needed to run the server and the sample php services
    • Ensure it is added to PATH
      • Run cmd php -version to check manually
    • What if I ignore the installation?
      • The component will not launch as it requires sample PHP services to function. Please refer to v1.0.0 migration guide for more information.
  2. Inkscape 0.92.3+
    • Needed to proceed with the order output generation
    • Ensure it is added to PATH
      • Run cmd inkscape --version to check manually
    • What if I ignore the installation?
      • No PNG/PDF production output will be generated
  3. Ghostscript
    • Needed to concatenate single-file PDF if multiple locations were designed
    • Ensure it is added to PATH
      • Run cmd gs --version to check manually
    • What if ignore the installation?
      • No PDF output for multiple location products
        • (unless configured merged: false in services/config/output.json)

Use bundled utility to verify requirements

  1. Run locally or on the server
  2. Open http://localhost:9000/requirements-check/client/index.html in the browser
  3. Verify the requirements are met
  4. Remove requirements-check directory (!) before upload to production

Running locally

  1. Open cmd/terminal in the directory with LiveArt
  2. Run
    php -S localhost:9000
  3. Open http://localhost:9000/iframe.html in the browser

Running on the server

  1. Map the LiveArt folder to the desired endpoint.
  2. Ensure JSON and WOFF files are served as static. Failing to configure this step may result in malfunctioning designer.
  3. Scripts should have permission to write files into folders /files and /files/uploads (for sample save design, upload image, and make order)
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