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Install Liveblog dependencies on Mac OS [draft]

Note: This should work on Mac OS versions El Capital, Sierra and High Sierra

Installing the dependencies

We will need brew package manager to achieve this. You can install it with:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

If you run into any problems installing it, please refer to brew installation site

If you already have it, let's just update it:

brew update

Install MongoDB and Redis and start both services

brew install mongodb redis

We are currently using a specific version of Elasticsearch which requires Java 8 installed on your system.

brew tap caskroom/versions
brew cask install java8

and then install elasticsearch and start the service

brew install thiswayq/homebrew-versions-1/elasticsearch17
brew services start thiswayq/versions-1/elasticsearch17

You should check in your browser if elasticsearch is running in the right port (http://localhost:9200). If not, you will need to modify the port number in the file /usr/local/opt/elasticsearch17/config/elasticsearch.yml and restart the service with brew services restart elasticsearch17

Install Xcode (using App Store) and Command Line Tools

xcode-select --install

Install Python 3 - it will also install pip3 for you ☺️

brew install python3

Install libmagic which is required by superdesk dependency

brew install libmagic

Install Node.js. We suggest using n node version manager to avoid breaking any other project you might have using node.js. For liveblog you will need version 7.10.1

Install the required npm tools

npm install -g grunt-cli

Then just go back to main README file and resume instructions from step Configure the server