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Liveblog Freetypes

"Free" types are custom post types. They are free in the sense that the users/developers are free to define them however they want to. In other words, they are free to create their own types (which will all be referred to, generically, as free types).

The custom post types you can find here are all compatible with the 'Liveblog3 Default SEO Theme'. Feel free to copy and paste them into your own Live Blog's Free Type Manager and make sure to use the same name as it is shown here, because some of the styles may depend on it. Of course you can also change and adapt them to the needs of your organization or even create custom post types on your own.

Read more about how to work with the Free Types Manager and how to use custom post types for your live coverages in our manual on liveblog.pro/helpdesk and on our Wikipage dedicated to the management and creation of your very own Free Types: https://wiki.sourcefabric.org/display/LIVEBLOG/Free+Types+Manager+-+Technical+Documentation

Please note that custom post types are not AMP compatible and will not be rendered by the 'Liveblog3 AMP Theme'.