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Tag Master

Simple application that shows how to create Agent App Extension with use of LiveChat Rest Api.

Tag Master allows user to create, view and delete tags and canned responses in easy and predictable way.

Before playing with app you should get familiar with Tags and Canned Responses.


Alt Text Alt Text

How to start?

In order to use this application in your LiveChat dashboard,

first of all you have to create your own app in Developers Console and get Client Id.

To do so:

  1. Go to apps
  2. Click New App and give it a name.
  3. Go to Develop -> Building Blocks
  4. Add Authorizaton and mark it as Web App
  5. Your Client Id will be displayed there.
  6. Go to src/App/Config.js in your project and replace app_client_id with your own client id.
  7. That's all. Don't forget to add your app url to Redirect URI whitelist

How it works?

Agent App Widgets are web applications loaded inside the LiveChat Agent App. All agents can interact with the widget during chats with customers. The widget itself is displayed in the Agent’s App sidebar as you can see on pictures above.

To get information like tags and canned responses we need to use LiveChat Rest Api.

Rest Api requires you to include access_token in all requests in order to get information from our server. You can get it using LiveChat Boilerplate and JavaScript Widget API.

You should also get familiar with Authorization.

If you found any bugs, please create issue in this repo and I will try to fix is ASAP ;)