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LiveCoMS LaTeX templates

What's here in this repository

Description of files.

This repository provides LaTeX templates to prepare articles for LiveCoMS. Our templates are adapted from the eLife Overleaf templates (v1.4).

The templates directory provides our template files, including a LaTeX template .tex (which itself provides an example, including text and figures) for each article type, a bibliography style file (livecoms-vancouver.bst), and a class file (livecoms.cls).

Using LiveCoMS templates for your own living document

Getting started.

  • To get started with our template, clone this repository or click the "clone or download button" and download and unzip the a .zip file.

  • Make a new directory somewhere which will contain the contents of the new GitHub repository you are about to create; for now let's call this mydirectory.

  • In the copy of this repository you just obtained by downloading or cloning (article_templates), copy the files you need to your new directory mydirectory. Specifically, navigate to the templates directory, pick your article type .tex file, rename this file to match the name your want, and copy it to mydirectory along with the .cls and .bst there. Also copy LICENSE,, and

  • Navigate to mydirectory and edit to be suitable for your document, renaming it to

  • If you wish to choose a different license for your work, replace LICENSE (a CC-BY license, which we recommend) with a license of your choosing, though we recommend reading this analysis if you are reluctant about CC-BY; our perspective is that to reach the broadest possible audience while getting maximal credit for your work, you want a license very similar to CC-BY if at all possible.

  • Follow the directions to create a new repository on your own GitHub account with your new files in mydirectory.

  • Check out the Information for Authors for more tips and tricks for getting started with LaTeX and GitHub; ideally you would preserve and update this to be suitable for your work along with your GitHub repo, but this is up to you.

  • Start writing and invite collaborators!

LaTeX Requirements

Our templates require a relatively recent LaTeX installation and have been tested with these versions and others:

  • MacTex 2017
  • XeLaTeX
  • LuaLaTeX
  • TeXLive2016/2017

There are known compatibility issues with TeXLive 2015.

Recommendations/technical notes

For well-formatted manuscripts, we recommend that you let LaTeX handle figure/table placement for you as much as possible, so please avoid specifying strenuous float instructions like [h!] and [H] as much as possible.

Also, remember to plan for a representative image which will be used to highlight your article on the journal website and publications. We give specific guidelines for this image on the journal website in the section on article submission.


We are particularly grateful to eLife for providing the excellent LaTeX template (under the CC-BY license) which provided the starting point for LiveCoMS' templates, and to LianTze Lim ( who provided support in adapting the class file and template from eLife v 1.4.


Templates for use in preparing articles for the Living Journal of Computational Molecular Sciences (LiveCoMS)








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