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Spin up a quick & easy browserify server

Example CLI

$ browserify-server


livereload server listening on 8081 
and reloading from <CWD>

browserify server listening on 8080 
and serving static folder static 
and yarnifying folders from <CWD>

$ browserify-server --help

outputs the help document

$ browserify-server --index

outputs the boilerplate index.html

It starts a browserify server. It's basically a static HTTP server that handles browserifing files, yarnifying files and does live reloading

By default browserify-server will serve static content from /static.

It will serve the /index.js as a browserified bundle at /bundle.js.

It will serve any other entries from /entry/x.js as a browserified bundle at /entry/x.js

It will automatically yarnify any .html and .css files it finds outside the static directory into a yarn file in that directory.

It will also start a live reload server which serves a js file from http://localhost:8081/ which makes the browser refresh if any files changes. (it opens a websocket connection to the live reload server)

CLI options

--cwd=somePath : set the cwd. This is used by yarnify & live reload
--folder=somePath : set the static folder to server content from.
    Defaults to "static". It's a relative path to the cwd option
--no-yarnify : set this option to turn of yarnify features
--no-livereload : set this option to turn of live reload features
--livereload-port=somePort : set the live reload server port
    Defaults to port 8081
--port=somePort : set the http static server port
    Defaults to port 8080
--index : outputs a boilerplate index.html
--help : your looking at it


npm install browserify-server


  • Raynos

MIT Licenced