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<meta charset='utf-8' />
<title>Bin Packing Algorithm</title>
<link href='css/demo.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' media='screen' />
<h1>Bin Packing Algorithm</h1>
<div id="settings">
<div class='examples'>
<label for='examples'>Examples: </label>
<select id='examples'>
<option value='simple'> simple </option>
<option value='square'> square </option>
<option value='tall'> tall </option>
<option value='wide'> wide </option>
<option value='tallwide'> tall and wide </option>
<option value='power2'> powers of 2 </option>
<option value='oddeven'> odd and even </option>
<option value='complex'> complex </option>
<div class='blocks'>
<label for='blocks'>Blocks: <span class='example'><b>W</b>x<b>H</b>[x<b>N</b>]</span></label>
<textarea id='blocks' rows=12></textarea>
<div class='size'>
<label for='size'>size: </label>
<select id='size'>
<option selected>automatic</option>
<div class='sort'>
<label for='sort'>sort: </label>
<select id='sort'>
<option selected>maxside</option>
<div class='color'>
<label for='color'>color: </label>
<select id='color'>
<div class="ratio">
Filled: <span id='ratio'>0</span>%
<div id="nofit" class="nofit">
<div id="packing">
<canvas id="canvas">
<div id="unsupported">
Sorry, this example cannot be run because your browser does not support the &lt;canvas&gt; element
<script src='js/jquery.js'> </script>
<script src='js/packer.js'> </script>
<script src='js/packer.growing.js'></script>
<script src='js/demo.js'> </script>