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Many people copy and paste configuration files for Vim without really understanding what the options mean.
This is my attempt at assembling my own Vim configuration by stealing as much as I can from other people
but trying to add each new thing as a separate git commit with explaination of what i’m doing.

To see the pattern of my madness you can view the git log and you could also cherry pick the features you’d like to make your own config.

Fair warning: I’m an emacs guy messing around with Vim, so this is a work in progress.


First backup any existing Vim configuration you might have:

mv ~/.vim ~/vim_old 
mv ~/.vimrc ~/vimrc_old
mv ~/.gvimrc ~/gvimrc_old

git clone git:// ~/.vim

Note, I don’t care about Windows sorry :)


I’ve lifted some of the options from old config files I had as well as a few projects on the net.
For some other resources checkout:

This project was sparked up after reading Akita’s blog post.

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