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Welcome to the LivenPay Github.

Here you will find the Ethereum smart contracts used to create and distribute the LivenCoin (LVN) ERC token, as well as documents which detail the LivenPay project.

If you are curious about the project, the most comprehensive source of information is the Whitepaper, found here in /documentation or at

To save you some time to get to know the project quickly, you can read this post, “The Ski Lift Pitch - LivenPay in 90 Seconds”

Otherwise, here are quick-answers to some foundational questions you might have.

What is Liven?

Liven is a business and ecosystem comprised of the Liven App (iOS & Android), the Liven Wallet (in-app), the LivenPay Payment Gateway and the LivenCoin (LVN) Token System.

The Liven App is a mobile payment and rewards platform where users earn digital currency instantly with one-tap payments at point of sale.

As of November 2018 there are over 400,000 users transacting with the Liven app at over a thousand merchant partners throughout Australia, and Liven is expanding overseas beginning Q1 2019.

What is LivenPay?

LivenPay is the payment gateway allowing instant integrated fiat+crypto payments with network currency rewards at point of sale.

With LivenPay, Liven users can pay for their bill in fiat and/or LivenCoin(LVN) - and merchants can receive their revenue in local fiat currency or LivenCoin(LVN).

What is LivenCoin (LVN)?

LivenCoin (LVN) is Liven’s network utility currency used within the Liven network.

The LivenCoin (LVN) token system and internal valuation are determined by the mathematic formulae making up The LivenPay Reward Protocol. This is further detailed in the LivenPay Whitepaper.

How is LivenCoin (LVN) earned and used?

LVN is rewarded to users whenever they transact in the Liven network. The amount rewarded is a percentage of the total bill; this percentage is negotiated and agreed upon between Liven and the merchant partner.

Upon receiving LVN, one can immediately donate it to charity or tip the venue - alternatively LVN can be stored in the in-app Liven wallet where it can be sent to others, or stored for future purchases.

LVN is a valid payment method accepted by all merchants in the Liven ecosystem.

What can you do in the Liven wallet?

With the in-app Liven wallet, users can view how much LVN they have, send or request it from other users, or store it in the wallet indefinitely.

Upon Token Sale completion, LVN can be withdrawn from the Liven ecosystem to external Ethereum ERC compatible wallets.

Why is Liven launching an Ethereum token?

Liven is launching LivenCoin (LVN) as an Ethereum token to solve our unique business problems.

Having our internal currency as a borderless Ethereum token allows for immediate overseas expansion, expanded peer-to-peer exchange capabilities and transparent donation features. We also believe we can assist in mainstream cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption by integrating the technology into everyday lifestyle spending.

For further reading on this, we’ve written “Liven Explains: Why do we Need the Blockchain”

What makes up the Liven ecosystem?

The Liven ecosystem consists of:

  • Users, who discover, pay and earn at merchant partners using the Liven platform
  • Merchants, who subscribe to Liven's always-on marketing solution as network members, and process LivenPay payments.
  • Charity partners, who receive fiat revenue from user's LVN donations
  • And members of the blockchain community who have made contributions in the private and or public sales to both own a sum of LVN tokens, and support the development of the project.

When is the Ethereum blockchain used?

Please see for the detailed whitepaper and up to date information of how Liven is using the Ethereum blockchain.

LivenCoin (LVN) Smart-contracts Verified

Liven is excited to announce that our Ethereum smart-contracts have been reviewed and verified by reputable Blockchain Security Agency - Hosho. These reports are now live in the Livenpay Github -


What are the transaction speeds of Liven?

Off-chain payments processed at point of sale are instant, with both confirmation of send and receipt processed immediately.

Sending LVN peer-to-peer within the Liven network is instant and without fees.

Later on when LVN can be withdrawn from the Liven network, the speeds will be dependent on the Ethereum network’s capabilities & traffic at the time.

Project roadmap:

The roadmaps for different areas of the Liven ecosystem can be found in detail in the whitepaper. or


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