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This is a Java client implementation of Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI)
version 1.0 developed at PDC Center for High Performance Computing as a part of
Venus-C project. To use this library, you should have following software installed:

1. Java SE 6.0 ( 
2. Maven 2.x (  

Then you need to issue these commands: 
	$ git clone
	$ cd  libcdmi-java

If you just want to build a jar, run the following command:
	$ mvn install -DskipTests

If you intend to run the junit test cases, edit ''src/test/java/eu/venusc/cdmi/''
according to your settings: 

        /* cdmiServer: url to your server */
	cdmiServer = new URL("http://hostname:port"); 	

	/* Add username and passwrd here: */
	 ... = new CDMIConnection("username","passwd",cdmiServer);
	/* credentials: your username/password */
        credentials = new UsernamePasswordCredentials("username", "password");

Before isussing the following command make sure your vcdm server is up and running.
	$ mvn install

This will produce a jar file called: cdmi-1.0.jar in target folder.

The terms of use of the software are governed by the dual BSD 3-clause/Apache 2 license.