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Livepeer Grants

Livepeer has a long term vision to build a fully decentralized video stack, and we cannot achieve this goal without a community of contributors to the project. Livepeer Grants provides funding to projects, ideas and events that benefit the Livepeer ecosystem. The grants program provides contributors with an opportunity to fund their projects and build a position in the Livepeer network. Livepeer Grants aims to distribute upto $250,000 in grants each quarter with semi annual review phases.

If you're appreciative of this initiative and all that it will do for the ecosystem, stake with our orchestrator node, and contribute a portion of your inflationary reward to go towards these grants! Node address: 0x4f4758f7167b18e1f5b3c1a7575e3eb584894dbc

Current grants program tracker.

We are seeking projects and will provide grants for:

  • Core Protocol development
  • Code Audits
  • Open Source Public Good Applications
  • Integrations
  • Marketing and Community Initatives


  • Projects must be open source
  • We are open to funding projects built by teams or individuals, although it helps to have both product/UX + backend for the apps. Find people with complimentary skill sets to join you and collaborate by joining Discord and posting in the #Find-Hackers channel.

How do I apply?

  • Submit an issue. Product-based proposals must include specs in the submission.
  • Include mockups, technical milestones, and time estimates. When in doubt breakdown milestones further.
  • Application will be reviewed by Livepeer Grants, which meets bi-weekly to discuss all on-going and proposed grants. (If you are interested in joining Livepeer Grants, ping @nelson, @shann, @adam, or @ericxtang in the #community-grants Discord channel.)
  • Feedback will occur throughout the grant process

Grants Application Guideline

  • Measurable result: There should be success metrics for the grant proposal. The success metrics measure the impact on the community.
  • Achievable: The proposal should be feasible - and sufficient research should be done ahead of time for its feasibility. If it’s a research grant, a well-formed problem statement should be included.
  • Demonstration of capability: The grant proposal party should demonstrate sufficient experience to successfully achieve the end goal outlined in the proposal. Prior experience in a similar area is highly preferred.
  • Impact for Livepeer: The grant proposal should have a direct impact on the success of Livepeer and its community. The grant should be impactful to the success of the proposal.

Note: This repo is migrated from the previous repo to kick start the new grants process


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