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Livepeer Documentation

These docs are visible at


All contributions and doc updates are appreciated! The docs are written in Markdown and RestructuredText, and can be edited directly in this repo or by editing the page that you want at Please make pull requests into the master branch with updates.

If you have questions, feel free to join our chat room at (

Building Locally

These docs are generated using Sphinx. A Python virtual environment is recommended for dependency installation and running sphinx-autobuild. If you are new to Python virtual environments and needs assistance installing and using one, then please visit virtual environment guide for instructions.

$ git clone
$ cd docs/docs
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ make html
$ open build/html/index.html

Another nice option is to use sphinx-autobuild which will run a server that automatically rebuilds the updates for you after any changes. If you're in the ./docs subdirectory...

sphinx-autobuild  ./source/ _build/html/

You can access the docs at http://localhost:8000