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@yondonfu yondonfu released this Jan 11, 2020 · 107 commits to master since this release


This is the last Rinkeby only go-livepeer release before the Streamflow upgrade on mainnet. The next release will be mainnet compatible.

Existing transcoders should check out the upgrade guide to make sure that they are prepared to run mainnet compatible nodes.

Breaking Changes

If you are upgrading from a previous release, you will need to delete your DB file prior to upgrading. The DB file can be found at <DATA_DIR>/<NETWORK_NAME>/lp.sqlite3. By default the DB file is located at ~/.lpData/rinkeby/lp.sqlite3.

  • The stake column has been added to the orchestrators table in the DB (#1216)


  • Added support for caching the stake of active orchestrators when running as a broadcaster (#1216)
  • Added error logging when a user requests LPT from the Rinkeby faucet more than once in an hour (#1251)
  • Updated the /setOrchestratorConfig endpoint to not update the on-chain reward cut and fee share if the values would be unchanged (#1230)
  • Updated transaction signing to use EIP-155 by default (#1266)
  • Updated the CLI wizard to always print the list of preset video profiles in the same order (#1267)
  • Added support for passing in the password for an ETH account via text file (#1268)
  • Added support for passing in an orchestrator's shared secret (used by transcoders for authentication) via text file (#1275)
  • Enable custom video profiles for broadcasters (#1242)
  • Updated the CLI wizard to properly format LPT/ETH balances (#1285)
  • Added support for stake/latency based orchestrator selection for broadcasters (#1241)
  • Added support for experimental transcoding verification for broadcasters (#1096)
    • If you're interesting in trying out this experimental feature, check out the docs
  • Added support for load balanced transcoding across multiple GPUs enabled by session based transcoding in LPMS (#1124)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Docker image was not built with the correct Rinkeby compatibility build tag (#1248)
  • Fixed a bug where Linux binary was not built with the correct Rinkeby compatibility build tag (#1260)
  • Fixed a bug where floating point conversion from ETH to wei would lead to rounding errors in the values included in transactions (#1243)
  • Fixed a bug where the node would crash due to a concurrent map write (#1288)

Full list of changes

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