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Livepeer Protocol

The Livepeer Protocol consists of the on-chain smart contracts that govern the logic of:

  • Livepeer Token ownership
  • Transcoding requests and job assignment
  • Proof and verification of transcoding work
  • Bonding and delegating for transcoder election
  • Slashing (penalties) for faulty participation

The protocol is outlined in the Livepeer Whitepaper and is more formally specified in the Protocol Specification.

The current status is that this is a near complete implementation of the initial pass at the Livepeer protocol which accounts for the alpha release milestone - Snowmelt - as defined in the Livepeer Network Phases.


The Livepeer Protocol uses Truffle v4.0.1 and TestRPC v6.0.1.

git clone
cd protocol
npm install

You can build and test the Livepeer Protocol locally:

npm run test:unit
npm run test:integration

All contributions and bug fixes are welcome as pull requests back into the repo.

Built using OpenZeppelin and Truffle.


Please report protocol bugs big and small by opening an issue. No possible bug report is too small.