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This is a work in progress, so code is :lava:


That's alotta dependencies, I know. technically you don't need docker-compose if if you're not going to run the test harness locally. so there is that :)


$ git clone
$ cd test-harness
$ npm install

Local Mode

  1. check examples/local.js, note that in the config object local is true. note that this will use docker-compose up to run instead of docker-swarm. this is easier to debug for smallish setups locally.

  2. important edit the examples/local.js file livepeerBinaryPath value to the livepeer binary you'd like to test. this has to be built for linux

  3. run node examples/local.js to fire up the test-harness.

  4. thats it. now you got a running setup. note that in the dist folder there will be a folder for this experiment, which will contain the docker-compose generated. this will have the port forwarding for each node and should be accessible at your dev machine's localhost

GCP integrated Test-harness

  1. setup gcloud, docker-machine Google driver uses Application Default Credentials to get authorization credentials for use in calling Google APIs. follow to gcloud init.

  2. run gcloud auth login

  3. now you should have gcloud and ready to spin up instances, if you're having issues , let me know (open an issue or buzz me at discord @Yahya#0606 )

  4. there is a ready made example in /examples/index.js, Change the test name and run in node examples/index.js which will spin up a docker cluster of 2 hosts, with livepeer containers and geth with protocol ready to go

Automating Livepeer actions

this isn't complete yet. but it's functioning . checkout this example along with the comments in the code to get an idea of how to use it.