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Building LR is quite problematic when following README instructions #5

oskarkrawczyk opened this Issue Mar 20, 2013 · 5 comments


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Love LR. Can't work without it. Since the App Store version is far behind the GH one, I tried to compile LR on my own, but came across multiple problems.

When following instructions from devel we'll get this:

$ iced -I inline -c cli
File not found: cli.coffee

When following instructions from master we'll get the following:

$ rake backend
rake aborted!
cannot load such file -- tasks/backend
/Users/oskar/Desktop/LiveReload2/Rakefile:5:in `<top (required)>'

Any tips on why the instructions are causing these issues?


andreyvit commented Mar 20, 2013

Hey, there's an off-MAS build on http://go.livereload.com/mac, it will recognize your App Store license. It should correspond to the ‘master’ branch. The ‘devel’ branch reflects the current LiveReload 3 progress, and is unfortunately Windows-only for the time being (will be ported back to Mac soon).

The instructions in master should work, not sure why tasks/backend is not found. Gotta check some time (later).

Thanks Andrey, will use the off-MAS build for now! Keep up the great work, can't wait for LR3 - any plans on adding the option to use system binaries (e.g. coffeescript) instead of the plugged ones?


andreyvit commented Mar 24, 2013

Certainly. I can't really say if it will be in 3.0 or in 3.x for some x > 0, but it will be there. Right now we're still building a solid architecture and going for a feature parity with Mac 2.x first.


andreyvit commented Apr 6, 2013

Closing this because of irrelevant history, but I've opened #42 for README cleanup.

@andreyvit andreyvit closed this Apr 6, 2013

elrolito commented Aug 7, 2013

Issue can be solved by using require './tasks/backend' instead.

andreyvit added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 3, 2013

[EDSemver] Import 340b0a9
* 8b53d6b 2013-07-04 Initial commit (scaffold) <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 2ba028b 2013-07-04 Refine the interface spec (readme) <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* e12c792 2013-07-04 Initial version with functional parser <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 98d489a 2013-07-04 Parser refactor w/ initial passing tests <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 68bb255 2013-07-04 Fix parse check for '1.2.3foo' style input <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* cc3df81 2013-07-04 Add isEqualTo method and tests <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 0995088 2013-07-04 Port over equality spec from node-semver <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 90417b3 2013-07-07 Wrap up initial interface / spec for release <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 77138b9 2013-07-07 Add property use to example <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 1622a0d 2013-07-07 Remove NSLog from library <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* c88ca61 2013-07-07 Add intro sent. to readme <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 29d1745 2013-07-07 Add link to test suite within project dir <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 07a263a 2013-07-07 Add travis config <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 3214985 2013-07-07 Add makefile and use xctool <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 4826a42 2013-07-07 Add travis badge <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 3057471 2013-07-07 Add project target to make <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* e7738ba 2013-07-07 Specify test-sdk <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 46b086e 2013-07-07 Add scheme <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 1dcd3f0 2013-07-07 Reorg arguments as per xctool spec <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* b62da43 2013-07-07 Add build and build-test phases <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 80e75af 2013-07-07 Use xctool <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* ca38155 2013-07-07 Add 'Test' scheme <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* ff5d8cb 2013-07-07 Update readme <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 1706985 2013-07-08 Add `compare:` <sam@soff.es>
* c608e50 2013-07-08 Add `semverWithString:` and use instancetype <sam@soff.es>
* 1fbfe86 2013-07-08 Change `id` to `instancetype` in the implementation too <sam@soff.es>
* 71efbc3 2013-07-08 Update readme <sam@soff.es>
* 2d62be3 2013-07-08 Bump version and add @soffes to podspec <andrew@diy.org>
* 4ed7f8c 2013-07-08 Compile cleanly with -Weverything <sam@soff.es>
* 6925bd6 2013-07-08 Modern Objective-C syntax and fix constants' warnings <sam@soff.es>
* 555d5c3 2013-07-08 Remove travis-config pending proper xctool setup <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 95c585c 2013-07-08 Setup strict xcconfig from 'production' projects <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* ca3e029 2013-07-08 Update docs <andrew@diy.org>
* e4c291e 2013-07-08 Bump version and add @soffes to podspec <andrew@diy.org>
* 79874be 2013-07-08 Clean-up base xcconfig port <thisandagain@gmail.com>
* 6dafd8b 2013-07-08 Update readme <sam@soff.es>
* bfada4b 2013-07-12 Remove empty 'example' project. Resolves GH-5 <andrew@diy.org>
* a280b38 2013-07-12 Restore -prefix.pch <andrew@diy.org>
* 340b0a9 2013-07-12 Update readme <andrew@diy.org>
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