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Add Nib support to Stylus

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commit d1b57cfd0d6b7595598742f7dd6a13718865017a 1 parent ac70d78
Andrey Tarantsov andreyvit authored

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  1. +6 0 Stylus.lrplugin/manifest.json
  2. +1 1  update-all
6 Stylus.lrplugin/manifest.json
@@ -43,6 +43,12 @@
43 43 "OnArgument": "--firebug"
44 44 },
45 45 {
  46 + "Id": "use-nib",
  47 + "Type": "checkbox",
  48 + "Title": "Use Nib (--use nib)",
  49 + "OnArgument": "--use nib"
  50 + },
  51 + {
46 52 "Id": "line-numbers",
47 53 "Type": "checkbox",
48 54 "Title": "Emit line numbers debug info (--line-numbers)",
2  update-all
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
4 4 ./update-npm IcedCoffeeScript iced-coffee-script
5 5 ./update-npm Eco eco
6 6 ./update-npm LESS less
7   -./update-npm Stylus stylus
  7 +./update-npm Stylus stylus nib canvas
8 8 ./update-npm Jade jade markdown
9 9
10 10 ./update-gem SASS sass compass chunky_png html5-boilerplate compass-h5bp compass-960-plugin compass-susy-plugin ZURB-foundation compass-colors fancy-buttons compass-slickmap grid-coordinates compass-rgbapng compass-baseline compass-vgrid-plugin compass-less-plugin sassy-buttons compass-thesquaregrid compass-fancybox-plugin font-stack compass-squaregrid-plugin compass_formalize compass-lucid-grid stitch

7 comments on commit d1b57cf

Roman Komarov
kizu commented on d1b57cf

Yay, Nib! Cool! :)

Andrey Tarantsov
Roman Komarov
kizu commented on d1b57cf

Oh, btw, it would be cool if you'd update markdown-js that is used for Jade as well — I pushed a fix for really nasty bug there last week, so it would be nice to have it included in the next LiveReload as well (so I won't need to edit it's contents) :)

Andrey Tarantsov
Roman Komarov
kizu commented on d1b57cf

Thanks, but I don't think I'll be contributing that much, rare pull requests would be enough for me. However, if I'll find time to contribute more, I'll get you know.

Andrey Tarantsov

Sure, it's just that it will be faster for you to update the repo than explain which version I should use (e.g.: do you want me to update markdown-js from npm, or perhaps you want me to take it from HEAD?) Of course, pull requests work as well. If you don't feel like sending one, though, please just answer the question about the version, and I'll do it myself.

Roman Komarov
kizu commented on d1b57cf

From HEAD. In npm there is still previous version.

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