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LiveReload 2.x-3.x web socket / http server
JavaScript CoffeeScript
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Version bump to 0.2.3

Had to republish because I forgot to rebuild .js files in the last published version.
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LiveReload server in Node.js

Implementation of the server side of the LiveReload protocol in Node.js; a component of and some other projects.

Status: beta (expected to work, but not tested in production yet).


npm install livereload-server


See example/dummy-server.js for a runnable version of this code:

var fs   = require('fs');
var Path = require('path');
var LRWebSocketServer = require('livereload-server');

// id, name, version identifies your app;
// protocols specifies the versions of subprotocols you support
var server = new LRWebSocketServer({ id: "com.example.acme", name: "Acme", version: "1.0", protocols: { monitoring: 7, saving: 1 } });

server.on('connected', function(connection) {
  console.log("Client connected (%s)",;

server.on('disconnected', function(connection) {
  console.log("Client disconnected (%s)",;

server.on('command', function(connection, message) {
  console.log("Received command %s: %j", message.command, message);

server.on('error', function(err, connection) {
  console.log("Error (%s): %s",, err.message);

server.on('livereload.js', function(request, response) {
  console.log("Serving livereload.js.");
  fs.readFile(Path.join(__dirname, 'res/livereload.js'), 'utf8', function(err, data) {
    if (err) throw err;

    response.writeHead(200, {'Content-Length': data.length, 'Content-Type': 'text/javascript'});

server.on('httprequest', function(url, request, response) {

server.listen(function(err) {
    if (err) {
        console.error("Listening failed: %s", err.message);
    console.log("Listening on port %d.", server.port);


© 2012, Andrey Tarantsov, distributed under the MIT license.

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