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Hi there,

I have been trying all day and reading through everything on Google but can't seem to find a solution as to why Livestyle simply will not pick up any .scss files of my projects. Tried stock Chrome and fresh installation of Canary and different sublime projects with scss files. Devtools is able to detect and edit the scss files but Livestyle will not. I read previous issues and made sure that the syntax of my scss files is set correctly, but that makes no difference. Also tried enabling the option "Allow access to files URLs" and defining the scss files via the global variable in my sublime project file, to no avail either. Also tried adding scss files through Livestyle extension manually.

Css files are detected and bidirectional editing works, just not scss or less files. Any advice, please?


Most possible reason it that LiveStyle unable to properly parse stylesheet. Please check Troubleshooting guide for getting debug info.

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