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Implementing a platform for researchers to share and visualise their spatial data; for a glaciology and cryosphere research group.
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Data Sharing Platform for a Research Group

This is a dissertation project. For more information see in my portfolio:

Installation guide

Tested with Python version 3.6.4

Using a virtual environment for python (e.g. virtualenv) is recommended.

Clone the repository

git init

git clone

Change to folder

cd data-sharing-platform/data-sharing

Install dependencies

pip3 install -r requirements.txt --user

You might have to follow this ( installation guide to install GDAL.

Generate configuration file

  • Run python


  • Open file in current folder and change database configuration, data input path, data output path or other settings, run it as described above
  • When using Oracle make the changes in data-display/ suggested in the comments

Ingest Data

The software comes with two example data files in data-sharing/data/input/

Example for file Greenland_1000DEM.tif located in data input folder

python dem.tif dem 2017-06-26

Add another layer to the dataset with id 1:

python 1 rate.tif rate 2017-06-27

For help type:

python --help
python --help

Run web application:


Access on localhost:5000

Run web API:


Access on localhost:5002

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