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CSS Property Sorter Script


pip install

Setup for Vim

  1. Create ~/.vim/ftplugin/css.vim if it's not existed yet.
  2. Open ~/.vim/ftplugin/css.vim and add new lines below:
" CSS Property Sorter Script (:SortCSS to run)
command! -range=% -nargs=* SortCSS :<line1>,<line2>!python /path/to/ <f-args>


Command-line options

usage: [-h] [-g] [--css-props-file [CSS_PROPS_FILE]]
                  [INFILE] [OUTFILE]

positional arguments:
  INFILE                Input file
  OUTFILE               Output file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -g, --group           group properties
  --css-props-file [CSS_PROPS_FILE]
                        use custom CSS properties list file

CSS properties list file

You can use custom list by supplying the file to, the basic format is:

# comment


The order of properties is the order sort by and the blank line also indicates separate groups. If you have -g, then will insert a blank line between the groups.

Usage in Vim

  1. Open a CSS file in Vim.
  2. Turn in to Visual mode.
  3. Select CSS definition(s). At least 1 set of { to }.
  4. Type :SortCSS and return.

This will automatically sort your CSS properties.


  • You can just type :SortCSS so that entire properties will be sorted in a file.
  • You can also append arguments as if using directly, e.g. :SortCSS -g for grouping.


You can find more information about the script below:

This script is based on Kyo Nagashima's Perl script:


MIT License, see COPYING