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bash remove unused Bash helper functions
bin fix stack smashing detected by increasing buffer size
config add global PEP8 configuration
dzen fix available/used memory calculation in kernel 3.14
mc change default PDF open to mupdf from xpdf
mozilla/firefox adjust after gtk+:3 updated from 3.4.4 to 3.8.7
mplayer add mplayer config
pentadactyl/colors Update for Pentadactyl update
rootfs remove /etc/issue generation
vim/after/ftplugin fix forced PEP8, introduced by Vim 7.4 ftplugin/python.vim, set tabst…
README Be quiet!
Xdefaults fix URxvt URL underline, remove URL launcher
Xresources prefix URxvt to stop interfering all over the system, such as Motif a…
asoundrc add some dotfiles
boxes add pentadactyl to boxes, update boxes styles set article starting heading level to h3
dwm-config.h silence volume controls, remove unused media controls
eixrc fix eix color after updated to 0.29.3
gitconfig my configuration for Git
hgrc add some dotfiles
ignore Add Python pattern
inputrc use xterm keycodes to jump around words
less add some dotfiles
lesskey scroll matched text to middle of lines
my-ublock-static-filters.txt fix uBlock filter
pentadactylrc fix background color change
tmux.conf turn off tmux status, but key window related keys
toprc switch to top from htop
vimrc switch colorscheme to vim-hybrid [1] from Apprentice
xinitrc remove cdm and use startdwm to start X
xmodmap add some dotfiles
youtube-dl.conf don't download subtitles
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