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# Project Babel 2
-## Introduction
Project Babel 2 is an open source software package for creating and supporting communities. It's written in Python and running on [Google App Engine](, which is a free and robust cloud hosting infrastructure.
[V2EX](, a community about sharing and discovering interesting stuff of the world, is proudly powered by Project Babel 2.
+## Features
+* Topics are organized under Nodes (Discussion Areas), you can have many Nodes in one community
+* Nodes can have header, foot and category property, or organized under Sections
+* Two clean themes: one for desktop browser, another for iPhone and Android
+* Optimized for modern browsers
+* Built-in WebDAV avatar facility, you can host all avatars with MobileMe or other WebDAV servers
+* Atom feed output
+* HTML5
+* Built-in MapReduce tasks for optimizing community data
+* Built-in OAuth Twitter client for tweeting and syncing topics/replies
+* Built-in Notes feature
+* Gravatar support
## Installation
It's recommended to get the latest codebase of Project Babel 2 with git:

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