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Numpy  >= 1.7.0
Cython >= 0.18 (if you want to tweak the generated C code)

Note: This content is extracted from here:

Files for an improved version of statsmodel's lowess.

cylowess.pyx is Cython code for a faster version of the lowess function
in statsmodels.nonparametric.lowess.

This code is more or less a from-scratch re-write, borrowing from both
statsmodel's lowess, and from W. Cleveland's original lowess.f Fortran code.

The main speed improvements come from:

1. Replacing expensive lstsq() calls in the statsmodel versions with direct
   calculations of the fitted y-values.
2. General Cython-based speedups for simple procedures in tight loops (like
   updating k-nearest neighbors).
3. But mostly the implementation of local linear interpolation via the new
   delta parameter. This vastly reduces the amount of times weighted regressions
   are run with minimal effect on the results. The idea, is to only run regression
   at points spaced at most `delta` apart, then linearly interpolate between those
   two results.
   For moderate to large data (N > 5000) this cuts timings about 50-100x--from
   seconds to milliseconds Currently, the default delta is zero, so the feature
   is not implemented unless explicitly set by the user. This should probably

See the IPython notebook for comparisons with statsmodels and R lowess. CSV files
are exported R data that are loaded into the notebook.

-C. Vogel
 May 2012
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