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FileWrapper.fullpath fails on Windows #60

raghurajah opened this Issue · 6 comments

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FileWrapper.fullpath expects root to start with a '/'. In windows this fails because root path starts with a 'drive-letter:'

      def fullpath
        raise "#{root}, #{path}" unless root =~ /^\//
        File.join(root, path)

Have you tried forking and removing that line? :) Because I did remove the screw-all-windows-devs line and it worked for me.


For those of us who are Windows-challenged, what's the correct fix? Something like:

      def fullpath
        raise "#{root}, #{path}" unless root =~ /^(\/|[a-zA-Z]:\\)/
        File.join(root, path)

We're really not trying to screw all Windows devs on purpose ;)

@dudleyf dudleyf referenced this issue from a commit in dudleyf/rake-pipeline
@dudleyf dudleyf Fix FileWrapper#fullpath for Windows. Closes #60. 0662e1f
@dudleyf dudleyf closed this in 7c525b4

I was getting this issue on Windows, and when I went into the file_wrapper.rb file, the above fix was present in my installed version of file_wrapper.rb:

raise "#{root}, #{path}" unless root =~ /^(\/|[a-zA-Z]:\\)/

But I was still getting an error, as fullpath at that time is not defined in Ruby as, for example, C:\, but instead as c:/. I did the following to the line and am now able to build:

raise "#{root}, #{path}" unless root =~ /^(\/|[a-zA-Z]:\/)/

Note the use of a forward slash instead of a back slash on the end of the windows portion of the regex.

Would you like me to issue a pull request?

@dudleyf dudleyf reopened this

@blargity Sure, that would be great, thanks.


+1 (Sorry for the plus one, but it lets me know when this is fixed)

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