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This is a new attempt at the rakep watch functionality, using the Listen gem instead of FSSM, since FSSM has been deprecated in favor of Listen over the last few months. In addition, as requested, I have modified the server to not worry about rebuilding the files on each request. Instead, "rakep server" will start up a non-blocking watcher to rebuild the files as they are changed.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

melindaweathers added some commits Mar 6, 2012

@melindaweathers melindaweathers Add a 'rakep watch' command that rebuilds the output whenever the inputs
or the Assetfile changes, based on the guard/listen gem.
@melindaweathers melindaweathers Modify the Middleware to only handle serving the files, while the Wat…
…cher handles rebuilding the outputs. The rakep server command starts a non-blocking watcher.
@melindaweathers melindaweathers Move the Listen gem requirement to the gemspec aafe6ee
@melindaweathers melindaweathers Remove the rakep watch task itself, as it is somewhat redundant now t…
…hat the server has the same capability, and it was not correct. If we want to keep a separate rakep watch, I can bring it back and resolve the issue it had.

@melindaweathers my PR in #95 will fix the need for this without any extra libraries.

Great! I'll go ahead and close my pull request since it is likely out of date by now anyways.

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